Year: 2016


A calm expanse, the body, broken and still, floating on an immense surface, vast and mighty. No alliance between man and ocean. the Sunday papers, trying to cross…

The Lady

f/3.5, ISO-100, 0 step, 40mm, 1/640 sec.


Tabloid revelations, the nation shocked, no surprise:- ‘Blair secret promise to Bush on Iraq Invasion’ On my table, a newspaper, a gin and tonic, and a tin of…

The Drought

Perverse, powerless, swelling in your barns, fruit and produce, blight and mildew. And on the land, the cattle fall. Frustration, sworn to soil and dust, the sand beneath…


f/2.8, ISO-100, -0.7 step, 50mm, 1/80 sec.


f/4.5, ISO-100, -0.7 step, 50mm, 1/160 sec.


I asked a girl on a train if I could take her picture. She said yes. It was a small portrait in black and white, with defined shadows…

The Evening Dress

Untouched, a beautiful size 12, pressed up hard against teeth in a cold vice gripping. Naked in isolation, she waits for a strand of cotton, and the dub…


A beautiful rose of England, an English rose, sitting on a winter bench reading Brontë, water glistening across a soft summer face, braces in a gentle mouth, smiling…

Early Morning

f/2.5, ISO-125, -2 step, 6mm, 1/15 sec.

Rachel Kadinsky

Soft fingers on rolled paper, red lips waiting. Please may I use your light? I flip the lid of my old brass Zippo from ’86 (the hinge sticking…


f/7.1, ISO-100, 0 step, 40mm, 1/400 sec.


f/3.2, ISO-200, 0 step, 40mm, 1/640 sec.

Little Bird

I watched you die, little bird, how you squirmed, the crazy cat plucking you gracefully from your aborted flight, crimson spurting, eyes rolling loosely as you slipped into…

Another Journey

Two days in my bedroom, with tins of super strength lager, and Lucky Strike cigarettes from Rachel. A headache again, the alcohol surging to inspire. Warm sentiments of…

The Clocks

Under the fluorescence of the beer garden, oak gleams white compared to pine, tables with places where ashtrays once stood majestic, coasters with pictures of maidens, and empty…

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