Cold sores coming into flower,
more than one
but less than four. A shiny pointy chin
and white teeth beautiful.
In a three-piece suit,
he stands in that classic brown
a comb in his pocket,
and a mullet of hair, parted sideways.
He smiles at Estelle,
his lover,
wearing a dress that looks like a curtain,
paisley leaves in places
like Eve,
happy saucer eyes
and bits of pastry on lips and chest,
maybe cleavage too,
and a mullet of hair, parted sideways.
They stand on a platform edge,
waiting to be kissed. Gently at first,
then roughening up.
Red flowers from the corner shop blooming,
price tag attached –
A thirteen-dollar bunch
wild hedge, bright open poppies
young lovers smiling.

Written by Jack Brewis