Year: 2021

The Mirror

Her morning tea, a large pot of turmeric and aniseed, a slight diminution from the whiskey, important for digestion and tired liver inflammation. She thinks about the mirror…


f/10, ISO-1600, -1.3 step, 55mm, 1/80 sec


I found you in the newspaper on page 33, but sometimes, your sweet innocence annoys me like hell. But then I understand, how your life has become what…

The Orchid

On a Sunday, in the early evening, and I can hear this couple screaming endlessly in raged abuse. And I’m looking at them through the hedgerow, through blossoms…


f/10, ISO-400, -0.3 step, 50mm, 1/800 sec.


In the café on Rue Lepic, I sip on a little green fairy, a little Absinthe louche, a cloudy intoxicant storm, a dull release from the absolute, fennel…


f/2, ISO-800, 0 step, 6mm, 1/25 sec.


f/5, ISO-100, -0.7 step, 50mm, 1/250 sec.

Oil on Canvas

My fingers touch dry strokes, from a brush, on a canvas from last year. So delicately you worked that piece. The landscape, brilliant greens and soft browns, ochre…

Drill Bits

In a drunken state of deep despair, I think about Dr Kazinski and his practise in the East End. I think about his posters, torn and wrinkled, showing…

The Salty Dog

Turn up the dial, bump it up a notch, make it hot, that gorgeous blue gas. Let them dance erratically on a cushion of searing oil, those demon…

The Dead Letter

That summer morning: humid, bright, and busy. The girls rush around doing homework, digging out plimsolls, and searching for lunch boxes for raisins, cucumber, and tubs of yoghurt…

The Coat

f/2.8, ISO-200, 0 step, mm, 1/1250 sec.

Père Lachaise

f/5, ISO-100, 40 mm, 1/80 sec.

Christmas Carols

Trombone, Trumpet, Tenor Sax, and Flute. Tightly compressed sound, moving through mist, to ears all around. Some near, some far, and some by the Ferris wheel. Others sit…

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