Year: 2015


she’s charming software so exquisitely written each byte perfected mark you her plugins are tough to strip from my registry.

The Honey Jar

He tormented the natives almost every day, to the point that they refused to bring his tea and biscuits. Sometimes he would hide it under his hand, sometimes…


Taut line of thin manila, rope creaking, on dusty rafters swinging. In your shame. On your record player, the crackle of stylus on vinyl dry, Nina Simone, in…

Andrew Fenner

f/3.5, ISO-80, -2 step, 6 mm, 1/30 sec.

Queen’s Head Yard

f/2.2, ISO-125, -0.7 step, 50mm, 1/80 sec.


f/3.5, ISO-100, 0 step, 40mm, 1/1000 sec.

From Zerbst

Across the Russian wastes, towards Leningrad and Moscow. Across the flats, the galloping horses thunder on, the supreme Empress, pressing with God-Speed from Riga, before the snow and…

Spark and Flint

I don’t put faulty Zippo’s in the post for maintenance or repairs. Once damaged, they are kept safe, and stored in a small wooden box in my study….


f/4.5, ISO-80, 0 step, 6mm, 1/25 sec.

Black Bits

I’m sitting at a bar, with the bar counter blues. For some, anyway. Like last night, for example, when the girl with the flower in her hair didn’t…

The Night Veld

Outside on a spread of lawn, behind the fishpond. Dinner with Grandfather. Tender pepper thighs, and a splash of water, a table of reminded wisdom. Pockets of cropped…

Saturday Night

They wait on motorised chairs, and plastic seats, with stalks of shiny steel that rise up above balding heads and greying hair, bags of saline, intravenous prick. In…

Her Boots

Her boots and her laces tethered. And her shawl, sloppy around weary shoulders. Always the same. In the distance, a frozen lake, her absolution. Arctic crystals float by…

Your Last Orbit

Hold on a minute, did you just die, I can’t hear you anymore. Frantic, out of control, you buzzed your last, while trying to escape the blinding light…

Neptune’s Crown

My daughter called it Neptune’s crown. I guess it was. Once a shiny hubcap from a ‘76 Chevy, before it came off, and rolled into the river. Now…

University Braille

Technical diagrams raised a millimetre high. White glossy paper, shining in the glow of an underground train. Her eyes burn and squint erratically, her soft hands gliding smoothly…

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