Trombone, Trumpet, Tenor Sax, and Flute.

Tightly compressed sound, moving through mist, to ears all around. Some near, some far, and some by the Ferris wheel. Others sit in the beer garden, nibbling on mince pies and washing down gritty bits with pints of Old Growler.

A steaming urn on a dustbin table, and the band belts out the usual tunes, a beautiful harmony of sound. Little faces are illuminated by the Christmas lights, and traders sell books, shortbread, and hand-made soap. The smell of roasted chestnuts, syrupy donuts, and fried onions, waft around market square.

The Cambridge City band – smart in their cherry red Jackets, navy blue trousers and polished peaks and boots. Fluffy busbies and prominent badges, tags on jackets, crest in silver and the name in gold.

Ted on trombone, Mary on trumpet, and the two Christmas Carole’s, on tenor sax and flute!

downcast, desolate,
hoping to find some cheap wine,
maybe five or more.