Year: 2019


f/2, ISO-200, 0 step, 6mm, 1/8 sec.

St Augustine’s

Marked cards and letters, filling the top drawer, in a gleaming butler’s desk. Two long years, correspondence, and poems and notes of love and want. He remembered the…

The Funeral

Thinking back, thirty years, to that hazy day, a cool breeze moving cherry blossom petals, pink confetti swirling. A plume of blue grey rises up from a spent…

Bank Station

f/2.2, ISO-160, -1.7 step, 6mm, 1/50 sec.


f/7.1, ISO-100, -0.7 step, 50mm, 1/400 sec.

Sticky Rice

A wonderful evening with my daughter, with sticky rice and green tea; sweet and sour, her favourite. We laugh and she tells me stories about new love and…

The Line Dance

Clothes pegs, in a line, on a line. Little dancing people, moving to and fro, backwards, and forwards, this way and that. Elegant and charming, graceful in silk…


f/7.1, ISO-100, 0 step, 40mm, 1/400 sec.


f/4.5, ISO-100, -0.7 step, 50mm, 1/160 sec.

Broken Homes

It’s not easy avoiding them, on a dark path, in the early morning. Try in vain, the lack of light, but it all ends in tears. Hidden shapes…

The Snuff Box

He dressed eccentrically at the most, with striped trousers and a top hat bowler. And a long coat and gaudy shirt. His eyeglasses would swing on a chain,…

Uncle Patrick

In a dirty, dingy dive, in a dire haze of old memories, I sit with Uncle Patrick, dead quiet as always, with his Campari and Soda, to soothe…

The East End

Stilettos and hard black shoes, clack-clack, they walk the Christmas pavement. City dwellers and workers rush to the tube and pubs for warmth and bitters and peanuts in…

Oxford Street

f/5, ISO-100, 0 step, 40mm, 1/200 sec.

The Priesthood

A dormitory and a single bed, two chairs and a corner window. Moments in solitude, time to reflect. In the distance, the low hills. Twenty-three weeks until the…

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