Friends and Lovers

A white wine picnic on a blue green blanket;
Midsummer Common
On a sticky, Midsummer day.
Strawberries and Cream and soft baguettes.
She flips through Vogue; sampling free perfume
from pages with roses and lace.
He pages through GQ; the latest fashion
and a guide to healthy eating.
Young lovers on the common; hands entwined, caressing;
An intense exchange of fresh University love.
Denim skirt and floral blouse; blonde hair and hard breasts.  
A blue Polo shirt; partially unbuttoned, hard designer stubble.
They kiss, hard and sensual; her friend looking on, smiling blue eyes
and a mop of curly red hair,
and freckles in the right places.
He turns to her and smiles; they kiss,
the circle completes. 
Friends and Lovers; 
Unconditionally abounding.

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